Thermal Profiling System - PROfiler Kit

Thermal Profiling System - PROfiler

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Thermal Profiling System - PROfiler, high performance thermal profiling data logger. An incorrect thermal profile in a reflow or wave soldering process is proven to cause failures in both electronic components and printed circuit board assemblies. The most effective way to assess the thermal shock to components and PCB is to measure the actual on-board temperatures as it travels through the soldering machine. Thermal Profiler “PROfiler”is a six channel high frequency RF temperature profiling system that allows temperature to be gathered and viewed in real time. Please Note Non RF and RF versions available Save multiple types of information into a template for future production runs such as oven configuration, tolerance indicators, and thermocouple placement. Print comprehensive SPC reports for your reflow and wave processes:

  • Standard thermal profiling unit is fitted with 6 Type-K thermocouple channels, offering unprecedented measurement accuracy.
  • High performance data acquisition circuitry and digital filter techniques means accurate thermal profiles can be gathered with high levels of 50-60Hz mains noise rejection;
  • Over 60,000 data points can be held within the temperature profiler’s memory, whilst RF realtime telemetry system shows the thermal profile as it happens;
  • Using RF telemetry, a full screen temperature/time graph can be displayed in real time allowing process engineers to make rapid process decisions and minimise production downtime.
  • Use the PROpredict feature within the software to analyse and modify your process settings without the need for repeated profile runs.