ESD Surface Resistance Meter

Our Surface Resistance Meters' allow you to accurately measure surface resistivity, point to point resistances and resistance to ground. 

Electrostatic discharges can injure staff, especially in the case of strong discharges. Additionally, electrostatic discharges can also damage electronic parts/components and surrounding electrical equipment.

At Grove we offer a wide range of different testers, all of which are designed to help you monitor and upkeep your equipment in order to keep it in top working order, and keep your staff safe!

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  • Surface Resistivity Kit ESD Surface Resistivity Kit ESD
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    Surface Resistivity Kit ESD

    £450.12 Inc. VAT
    £375.10 Ex. VAT
    Full Surface Resistance Kit with 2.5Kg weightsFor accurately measuring surface resistivity and point to point resistances Kit includes 10v / 100 volt meter which is accurate to within half a decade. Complete with 2.5kg weights (black) and all...
  • Surface Resistance Meter ESD
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    Surface Resistance Meter ESD

    £168.30 Inc. VAT
    £140.25 Ex. VAT
    Surface resistance meter. (Includes carrying pouch) The meter measures both surface resistivity and resistance to groundPortable instrument for measuring both surface resistivity and resistance to ground.(Using 10 / 100 volts). Very easy to use...