Masking / Grid Tape

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  • Masking Tape (50M)
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    Masking Tape

    £2.53 - £6.42 Inc. VAT
    £2.11 - £5.35 Ex. VAT
    A lightly creped paper tape especially designed for general use, eg DIY, building, picture framing etc. Not recommended for automotive or use in high temperatures Adhesive: Natural rubber, hydro-carbonic and natural resins, plasticizers and...
  • High Temperature Masking Dots TEST
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    High Temperature Masking Dots

    £18.72 - £46.80 Inc. VAT
    £15.60 - £39.00 Ex. VAT
    High Temperature, Conformal Coating Masking Dots Main Applications: Conformal coating - a protective layer of material applied to electronic components and circuit boards. It helps shield the components from environmental factors like moisture, dust,...
  • High Temperature Masking Tape - L 55 Metres
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    High Temperature Masking Tape

    £4.86 - £27.36 Inc. VAT
    £4.05 - £22.80 Ex. VAT
    A finely crêped, flexible, wet resistant masking tape with a high tensile strength Temperature resistance -50°C to 149°C (-60°F to 300°F) Main Applications: Tape length 55 metres Masking of circuit boards before plating Cable...
  • Grid Tape Grid Tape - Laid out
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    Grid Tape / Various Sizes ESD

    £2.32 - £6.66 Inc. VAT
    £1.93 - £5.55 Ex. VAT
    ESD Grid Tape is made from a silicone free, low residue polypropylene with a self adhesive backing and static dissipative surface Features and Benefits: Silicone free, with low residues Grid pattern includes the ESD logo to EN 61340-5 Typically...