Our antistatic packaging products come in a range of sizes for the safe handling and packaging of electronic components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

Antistatic bags and bubble wrap protects devices or components from electrostatic discharge, particularly useful when being transported or stored outside of the safe working environment.

We also have a large range of anti static bags and static shielding bags available from stock. They are designed to provide a complete static safe environment for the safe storage and transportation of electronic components and devices.

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  • 4 Spot Humidity Indicator Cards (101-000) 6 Spot Humidity Indicator Cards (101-000)
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    Humidity Indicator Cards

    £15.00 - £28.20 Inc. VAT
    £12.50 - £23.50 Ex. VAT
    Used to determine if products have been exposed to moisture above recommended storage levels Conform to IPC/JEDEC 033 std and being Cobalt Dichloride Free they meet ROHS, REACH and WEE directive regarding hazardous substances Four Spot 10% 20% 30%...
  • Silica Gel Bags (101-002)
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    Silica Gel Bags

    £127.44 - £189.60 Inc. VAT
    £106.20 - £158.00 Ex. VAT
    The use of Silica Gel desiccant bags provides an economic way of protecting against moisture damage during transit and storage. These bags are filled with non-indicating beaded silica gel desiccant with capacities ranging from 1gm to 50gm. Silica Gel...
  • Moisture Barrier Bags - (100/Pack) ESD ( G-SMB3-)
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    Moisture Barrier Bags Open Top (100/Pack) ESD

    £7.92 - £88.86 Inc. VAT
    £6.60 - £74.05 Ex. VAT
    This aluminised moisture barrier bag is designed to provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices. To protect electronics from moisture and static damage. The bags are opaque and light tight, ensuring the inside item cannot been...