Ambersil was founded over 60 years ago, and began manufacturing products developed to meet the most exacting standards of industry. The Ambersil brand provides engineers and maintenance professionals with exceptional product quality and performance, whilst maximising value for money.

Here at Grove Sales, we are proud to be appointed UK Distributors, and can supply the whole range of products, so if you don't see it, please ask our staff.


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  • Freezer - 400ml Freezer - 400ml
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    Freezer - 400ml

    £36.68 Inc. VAT
    £30.57 Ex. VAT
    FREEZER - FAULT DETECTION FOR ELECTRONICS Use on electronic circuits to identify thermally intermittent faulty components Rapidly reduces component temperature by up to -50°C  Non-flammable, non toxic, and completely odourless  Can...
  • Acrylic Conformal Coating - 400ml Acrylic Conformal Coating - 400ml
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    Acrylic Conformal Coating - 400ml

    £15.43 Inc. VAT
    £12.86 Ex. VAT
    ACRYLIC CONFORMAL COATING - PROTECTION FOR PCB'S Apply to populated PCB's and electronics to seal out moisture and dust for long term protection Transparent insulating conformal coating  Wets out to form a homogenous film with uniform...
  • AMS4 Silicone Grease - 400ml AMS4 Silicone Grease - 400ml
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    AMS4 Silicone Grease - 400ml

    £23.26 Inc. VAT
    £19.38 Ex. VAT
    AMS4 SILICONE GREASE - MILITARY GRADE SILICONE GREASE Military & Aviation grade XG250 silicone grease for use on rubber seals to prevent cracking, on 3-phase connectors to prevent moisture ingress and for general lubrication Insulates high...
  • 40+ - 400ml 40+ - 400ml
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    40+ - 400ml

    £8.87 Inc. VAT
    £7.39 Ex. VAT
    40+ - THE COMPLETE MAINTENANCE TREATMENT A true multi-purpose 'cure-all' for engineers: use as a dewatering fluid, a penetrant on seized fasteners, a general lubricant, and as a corrosion inhibitor Excellent water displacement performance  ...
  • Glass Cleaner - 400ml Glass Cleaner - 400ml
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    Glass Cleaner - 400ml

    £11.95 Inc. VAT
    £9.96 Ex. VAT
    GLASS CLEANER - FOR GLASS AND GLAZING Use on all glazed and ceramic surfaces to remove light soiling and marks Produces a smear-free and residue-free finish with minimal effort  Incredible results, first time  Automotive approval:...
  • Label Remover 200ml Label Remover 200ml
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    Label Remover 200ml

    £23.94 Inc. VAT
    £19.95 Ex. VAT
    LABEL REMOVER - SELF-ADHESIVE LABEL AND STICKER REMOVER An optimum blend of solvent and citrus active ingredients penetrate paper labels rapidly Reduces need for scraping and the potential damage that may cause  Improves packaging line...
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    Universal Screen Cleaner - 400ml

    £23.92 Inc. VAT
    £19.93 Ex. VAT
    UNIVERSAL SCREEN CLEANER - FOAMING VDU SCREEN CLEANER Removes finger-marks and contamination from visual display units (VDU's) such as LCD monitors, production control screens, and all monitors. Ideal for thermal imaging camera screens  Can be...
  • Anti-Static Spray - 400ml Anti Static
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    Anti-Static Spray - 400ml

    £12.18 Inc. VAT
    £10.15 Ex. VAT
    ANTI-STATIC SPRAY - DISSIPATES STATIC BUILD UP  Use on any surface prone to static charge prior to maintenance, or as a part of a static control programme Rapidly reduces electrostatic charge  Quick and easy to use  Non-toxic and...
  • IPA Solvent - 400ml IPA
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    IPA Solvent - 400ml

    £14.03 Inc. VAT
    £11.69 Ex. VAT
    IPA SOLVENT - ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL CLEANING SOLVENT A gentle yet highly effective alcohol based cleaner for use on optical devices, switches, PCB's and on general electronics Excellent materials compatibility: safe for use on plastics, rubber,...
  • BA40 Solvent - 400ml BA40 Solvent - 400ml
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    BA40 Solvent - 400ml

    £13.97 Inc. VAT
    £11.64 Ex. VAT
    BA40 SOLVENT - AVIATION SPECIFIED SOLVENT CLEANER Developed specifically for the demands of the aviation industry for a cleaner to remove uncured polysulphide sealant Also removes other stubborn residues such as: adhesives, inks, resins, varnishes...
  • CCL 100 - 400ml CCL100__34434
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    CCL 100 - 400ml

    £13.50 Inc. VAT
    £11.25 Ex. VAT
    CCL 100 2-IN-1 CONTACT CLEANER LUBRICANT A versatile product for use on electrical switchgear and electric motor contacts. Ideal for use on radar systems where contacts may be exposed to moisture Cleans, lubricates and prevents corrosion all in one...
  • Ambertron 400ml Ambertron__57278
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    Ambertron - 400ml

    £17.96 Inc. VAT
    £14.97 Ex. VAT
    AMBERTRON - ULTRA PURE CONTACT CLEANER Ultra pure formulation for critical maintenance. Removes light oils and contamination safely from PCB's relays, and all electrical contacts, switches, and more Excellent materials compatibility: safe for use on...