G-TEK IPA WIPES (200 Wipes)

G-TEK IPA WIPES (200 Wipes)

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G-TEK IPA WIPES (200 Wipes)

G-TEK IPA Wipes are specifically designed for stencil cleaning after bulk solder paste removal and final cleaning of critical machine parts after maintenance packaging

G-TEK IPA Wipes are 70% IPA industrial grade disposable cleaning cloths for precision cleaning and degreasing of surfaces and components. Superb cleaning properties make them ideal for multi surface sanitisation, especially where evaporation rates are essential

G-TEK wipes are supplied in quick seal wipe clean packaging

Perfect for: 

  • Solder Paste 
  • Stencil Cleaning 
  • Circuit Board Assembly Printing Machinery 
  • Cleanrooms 
  • Medical Sector 
  • Aerospace 
  • Military 
  • State of the Art Industry

Detailed Info

  • Size 20cm x 18.5cm
  • Weight 32gm
  • 70% IPA
  • Pack of 200