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Polyimide Tape (also known as Kapton Tape) x 33 Metres
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Polyimide Tape (also known as Kapton Tape) x 33 Metres

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TAPE WIDTHS available from 3mm - 50mm

Polyimide Tape 

A high temperature Polyimide tape 
(Known as Kapton Tape)  Wide operating temperature range up to 500°F 
Removes cleanly without adhesive residue after exposure to heat /chemical


  1. Fully protects gold finger contacts from molten solder during wave soldering and hot air levelling
  2. Thin and conformable enabling masking of uneven surfaces.
  3. Excellent electrical insulation.


  • Colour Amber 
  • Adhesion Type Silicone 
  • Backing Thickness (mils) 1 
  • Total Tape Thickness (mils) 2.5 
  • Adhesion to Steel: Oz/inch25 
  • Tensile Strength (lbs/inch) 30 
  • Elongation: % >55 
  • Dielectric Strength, volts 6500
  • Insulation Resistance, mega ohms 1,000,000 
  • Electrolytic Corrosion Factor 1 
  • Insulation Class, centigrade 180° 
  • Temperature Resistance 260°C (500°F) 
  • Resistance to: acids, oils, solvents EXCELLENT

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