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  • Freezer - 400ml Freezer - 400ml
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    Freezer - 400ml

    £36.68 Inc. VAT
    £30.57 Ex. VAT
    FREEZER - FAULT DETECTION FOR ELECTRONICS Use on electronic circuits to identify thermally intermittent faulty components Rapidly reduces component temperature by up to -50°C  ...
  • Acrylic Conformal Coating - 400ml Acrylic Conformal Coating - 400ml
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    Acrylic Conformal Coating - 400ml

    £15.43 Inc. VAT
    £12.86 Ex. VAT
    ACRYLIC CONFORMAL COATING - PROTECTION FOR PCB'S Apply to populated PCB's and electronics to seal out moisture and dust for long term protection Transparent insulating conformal coating  ...
  • AMS4 Silicone Grease - 400ml AMS4 Silicone Grease - 400ml
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    AMS4 Silicone Grease - 400ml

    £23.26 Inc. VAT
    £19.38 Ex. VAT
    AMS4 SILICONE GREASE - MILITARY GRADE SILICONE GREASE Military & Aviation grade XG250 silicone grease for use on rubber seals to prevent cracking, on 3-phase connectors to prevent moisture...
  • 40+ - 400ml 40+ - 400ml
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    40+ - 400ml

    £8.87 Inc. VAT
    £7.39 Ex. VAT
    40+ - THE COMPLETE MAINTENANCE TREATMENT A true multi-purpose 'cure-all' for engineers: use as a dewatering fluid, a penetrant on seized fasteners, a general lubricant, and as a corrosion inhibitor ...
  • Glass Cleaner - 400ml Glass Cleaner - 400ml
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    Glass Cleaner - 400ml

    £11.95 Inc. VAT
    £9.96 Ex. VAT
    GLASS CLEANER - FOR GLASS AND GLAZING Use on all glazed and ceramic surfaces to remove light soiling and marks Produces a smear-free and residue-free finish with minimal effort  ...
  • Label Remover 200ml Label Remover 200ml
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    Label Remover 200ml

    £23.94 Inc. VAT
    £19.95 Ex. VAT
    LABEL REMOVER - SELF-ADHESIVE LABEL AND STICKER REMOVER An optimum blend of solvent and citrus active ingredients penetrate paper labels rapidly Reduces need for scraping and the potential...
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    Universal Screen Cleaner - 400ml

    £23.92 Inc. VAT
    £19.93 Ex. VAT
    UNIVERSAL SCREEN CLEANER - FOAMING VDU SCREEN CLEANER Removes finger-marks and contamination from visual display units (VDU's) such as LCD monitors, production control screens, and all monitors...
  • Anti-Static Spray - 400ml Anti Static
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    Anti-Static Spray - 400ml

    £12.18 Inc. VAT
    £10.15 Ex. VAT
    ANTI-STATIC SPRAY - DISSIPATES STATIC BUILD UP  Use on any surface prone to static charge prior to maintenance, or as a part of a static control programme Rapidly reduces electrostatic...
  • IPA Solvent - 400ml IPA
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    IPA Solvent - 400ml

    £14.03 Inc. VAT
    £11.69 Ex. VAT
    IPA SOLVENT - ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL CLEANING SOLVENT A gentle yet highly effective alcohol based cleaner for use on optical devices, switches, PCB's and on general electronics Excellent materials...
  • BA40 Solvent - 400ml BA40 Solvent - 400ml
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    BA40 Solvent - 400ml

    £13.97 Inc. VAT
    £11.64 Ex. VAT
    BA40 SOLVENT - AVIATION SPECIFIED SOLVENT CLEANER Developed specifically for the demands of the aviation industry for a cleaner to remove uncured polysulphide sealant Also removes other stubborn...
  • CCL 100 - 400ml CCL100__34434
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    CCL 100 - 400ml

    £13.50 Inc. VAT
    £11.25 Ex. VAT
    CCL 100 2-IN-1 CONTACT CLEANER LUBRICANT A versatile product for use on electrical switchgear and electric motor contacts. Ideal for use on radar systems where contacts may be exposed to moisture...
  • Ambertron 400ml Ambertron__57278
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    Ambertron - 400ml

    £17.96 Inc. VAT
    £14.97 Ex. VAT
    AMBERTRON - ULTRA PURE CONTACT CLEANER Ultra pure formulation for critical maintenance. Removes light oils and contamination safely from PCB's relays, and all electrical contacts, switches, and more...