The NEW 3rd Generation Mantis

The NEW 3rd Generation Mantis

As a proud UK distributor of the Vision Engineering range for over 15 years we are very excited to now be able to offer the New 3rd Generation Mantis range. The range which consists of the Pixo, Ergo and Iota are now available for demonstrations and orders.

The main benefits of the new range are-

  1. Ease of use- extremely quick and easy to find faults in inspection
  2. Excellent hand to eye coordination- fantastic for reworking as it allows for a direct view of the subject and peripheral vision.
  3. Postural comfort- When in use your head is not required to be in a fixed position or facing down so you have more movement which is good for posture.
  4. Maximum eye comfort- The distance from the mantis to the eye is large enough that it allows ambient lighting to come in which avoids strain. Glasses can also be used if required.
  5. The lens for the systems ranges from X2 to X15 depending on the unit you purchase. The Pixo unit comes with a built in camera so can be linked up to a screen as well as used in standard mode.
  6. The Mantis is used in a variety of industries such as - Electronics, Dental, Engineering, Watchmaking, Jewellery and Lab work amongst others. We can also offer a UV light option for specific jobs.

Please contact us now on or 01202 588900 to arrange a demonstration or quotation of a new Mantis. Links and more information can be found here-

2nd Aug 2023 Luke Ramsier

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