DPF300 Depanelizer (PCB Nibbler)

DPF300 Depanelizer - PCB Nibbler

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The DPF300 is a manual depanelling system designed to solve the needs of depanellizing (PCB Nibbler) small PCB's, FR4 type materials, and can also be used on aluminium substrate PCB's

  1. ESD table with EPB 90°
  2. ESD zinc coated steel frontal feet and rear turning wheels with brake Ø80.
  3. Easy Change PCB guides and milling bits for different routed widths.
  4. Designed to solve problems due to stress, break or tearing out of PCB’s fibres that often occurs using standard blades or manual tools
  5. The vacuum system allows you to place the system easily and quickly in any working area, without mess.  


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