SMT Epoxy Resin Adhesive 2217L 13g

SMT Epoxy Resin Adhesive 2217L

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TB2217L is a single component epoxy resin developed for bonding electronic chips, curing at temperatures of 80ºC and above.

Its properties are designed for ease of handling to enable use in automated assembly by either syringe or screen print application.

Ideal viscosity and thixotropic properties for dispensing and screen printing. Maintains shape after application.

  • No cobwebbing, no dispenser feeding problems, excellent process ability.
  • 2 Sizes available 13g or 40g. 
  • Hardens in less than 60 seconds at 150ºC.
  • Heat curing initiated at just 80ºC.
  • Excellent heat resistance.
  • Meets the requirements of IPC SM817, TM-650 Method R-1206 on bare FR4 board supported 60 seconds above solder bath at 260ºC and dipped for 10 seconds